We have analysed all the budget earphones available in the market based on important factors like sound quality, comfort, build quality, availability of microphone etc and carefully made a comprehensive list of the best earphones under Rs.500.

All the earphones on our list sound incredibly good for the price and most of them come with decent build quality as well.

So, here are the best earphones under Rs.500 that are worth buying and offer the best experience.

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

1. SoundMagic ES11S Overall Best Pick
2. Mi Basic Best Build Quality
3. boAt BassHeads 100 Best for Bass Fanatics
4. Sound One 616 Best for Voice Calls
5. Portronics Conch 204 Best Design Pick
6. Flipkart Smartbuy V23MM Value for Money

1. SoundMagic ES11S

Best Earphone Under 500 - Overall Best Pick
Overall Best Pick
  • Best balanced sound output
  • An aesthetically pleasing colour scheme
  • In-line mic quality is good

SoundMagic earphones deliver premium quality sound at an affordable price tag.

In fact, the elder sibling of the ES11S mentioned here, the SoundMagic ES18S is one of the best earphones available in the market under Rs.1000.

Design and build quality…

The SoundMagic ES11S features a two-tone colour variation that gives it an attractive look. The one we got our hands on was a red and black variant which looked amazing.

About the build quality, the 3.5mm earplug is solidly constructed and has an L-shaped pin.

Extra padding has been given for the wire at the end of the 3.5mm jack to make sure it stays intact even when pushed a little harder.

However, the thickness of the wire is a bit of concern and we felt worried that even with a slight pulling of the earphone from our bag might damage the cable.

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

Sound output…

The 9mm drivers inside the earpiece offer rich bass that doesn’t sound distorted even at high volumes. The mids and highs sounded decent.

When hearing the vocals, the bass was light and soothing and doesn’t spoil the mood of light music playing in the background.

If you’re a fan of heavy bass, this earphone will give you one of the best experience under Rs.500.

The inline mic worked well in our time with voice calls. The sound at both the ends was crisp and clear. The mic picked up voices without any troubles as well.

The only gripe which we had with the sound quality was that it wasn’t loud as we wanted to. This may be a purely a subjective factor so take it with a grain of salt.

Noise cancellation…

What surprised us the most about this budget earphones is the noise cancellation.

Even though this product is not an in-ear canal type earphone, the earpiece blocked the outside noise very well, thus providing a pleasant and clean music listening experience.

End thoughts…

The SoundMagic E11S offers the best possible balanced sound output when compared with other earphones priced under Rs.500.

The two-tone colour scheme feels premium and the noise cancellation which works surprisingly well makes this product one of the best in the business.


Overall balanced sound output


Attractive colour options


Rich bass


Excellent noise cancellation


Thin cable


Loudness is a bit low


Builtin Microphone Yes
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size 9 mm
Impedance rating 16 ohm

2. Mi Basic

Best Earphone under 500 - Best Build Quality
Best Build Quality
  • Suited for long listening sessions
  • Durable fit and finish
  • Clean and crisp vocals

Xiaomi doesn’t need any introduction to the Indian market.

With the introduction of best quality affordable smartphones, they have captured the hearts of millions of people in India and here they are, with a new accessory to their wide product catalogue – the Mi Basic earphones.

Minimal design combined with excellent build quality…

There was a time when we all considered that the Chinese products had the cheap build quality and that’s why they are priced less.

But Xiaomi has changed that perspective with their products and with these earphones, they are taking it to the next level.

The design of this earphone is minimal at best. But at the first glance, we noticed the level of detailing Xiaomi has done on designing this product.

From the unique shaped earpiece to the attractive button on the in-line mic, the Mi Basic earphone has exceeded our expectations.

The silicone eartips are comfortable to wear and don’t easily slip away from the ears.

The mic and the button is of excellent quality and lets you operate the phone handsfree for listening to music and attending voice calls.

The gold-plated angled earphone jack provide minimal resistance to the signal and play a significant role in clean and clear sound output.

Sound quality is great.. for the price…

The Mi Basic comes with a 10mm neodymium driver inside that sounds really loud and clear with distinct vocal clarity.

The level of bass is OK to say the best and it doesn’t overshadow the mids and highs in genres of music such as EDMs and hip hops.

However, if you’re a die-hard bass head, we advise you to consider other models listed in this article.

The in-line mic works well and delivers HD quality voice calls.

With the combination of neodymium drivers and a wider frequency response range, the details in the music are really pronounced and a treat to listen to.

The aluminium alloy sound chamber inside the earpiece amplifies the sound further and enhances the sound output.

Comfort factor…

Xiaomi has designed this earphone with the consumers in mind.

The high-quality silicone earbuds are soft and very comfortable to wear for longer durations.

Also, they are gentle to the skin and doesn’t cause any pain or rashes on prolonged use.

The angled main earpiece body is very well designed to fit inside the ear canal without slipping out even during intense movement of your head.

Should you buy it?

Ye, you should.

If you’re looking for a budget earphone that sounds decent and is comfortable for your ears for longer listening sessions, the Mi Basic is an apt choice.

Also, the built quality of this product is impeccable and for the price at which this product is retailing, there are only a few models that can match this.


Minimal design


Excellent build quality


Superior comfort


Bass levels are not that good


Builtin Microphone Yes
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size 10 mm
Impedance Rating 32 ohm

3. boAt BassHeads 100

Best Earphone Under 500 - Best for Bass Fanatics
Best for Bass Fanatics
  • Suited for EDMs and hip-hop music
  • Good build quality
  • Comfort fitting earpiece

boAt is a prominent player in the audio-related equipment market in India.

The company has its share of success with products such as the Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones etc.

The boAt bassheads 100 is the entry-level product on the bass heads lineup that gives emphasis on bass more than anything else.

Unique design and form factor…

The boAt 100 design is inspired from the “hawk, the company says. This is in fact correct.

We do feel the resemblance when it comes to the earpiece form factor that has multiple folds.

The polymer plastic used in the construction of this earphone is of really high quality. The outer casing of the earpiece feels tough and durable.

The cables to have a certain level of thickness to it, reinforced with rubber support on the joints to make sure this product can withstand minor abuses.

The single button on the in-line mic acts as a control for all sorts of functions such as attending the calls, skipping the tracks and so on.

Made for bass fanatics…

As the name suggests, the boAt bass heads 100 is designed with bass loving people in mind.

The 10mm neodymium drivers inside do perfect justice to the intentions, we’d say.

With only 16 ohms impedance on these drivers, this earphone delivers punchy beats and deep bass in all its glory even with the most demanding tracks.

The loudness levels are sufficient on this in-ear earphone.

While playing certain genres of music such as EDMs and hip-hop, the bass overpowers the highs and vocals.

But under standard volume levels and vocal rich tracks, this earphone performs well.

The in-ear mic is very much capable and delivers a pleasant hands-free voice calling experience.

Extras that does matter…

boAt is an Indian company and has a wide service centre network across the country.

The company website has a dedicated section for consumer grievances, and the company is really fast at sorting issues.

boAt also provides a year of warranty with this budget in-ear earphone priced under Rs.500.

The 1.2m cable is of high quality so does the other components of this product.

The earpiece rests comfortably inside the earpiece without sliding out during exercise or running.


The boAt Basshead 100 is a perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a budget earphone under Rs.500 that has excellent bass output.

EDM and hip-hop lovers would rejoice at the level of bass, this earphone provides but with the vocals, its a bit narrow and may not be likeable for those who love pre-audio with distinct vocal tones.


Unique design


Excellent customer support


Rich and punchy bass


Bass overpowers mids and highs at times


Builtin microphone Yes
Frequency response 20 -20,000Hz
Driver unit size 10 mm
Impedance rating 16 ohms

4. Sound One 616

Best Earphone under 500 - Best for Voice Calls
 Best for Voice Calls
  • Comfortable fit
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Colorful design

Sound One is an Indian company popular for its affordably priced earphones and headphones that became popular among the masses with its fine build quality and attractive designs.

The Sound One 616 is a budget in-ear earphone priced under Rs.500 that promises to deliver a full spectrum sound out for enjoyable music listening experience.

Sleek design, comfortable fit…

The Sound One 616 comes with a dual tone colour design that looks attractive to the eyes at the first glance itself.

The vertical in-ear earpieces are cleverly designed at an angle to sit flush in the ear canal, providing a sort of passive noise cancellation.

The 1.2m wire is sufficiently thick but the rubber support at the ends of connections are absent. This makes it highly fragile even with a slight pull.

The in-line remote button feels a bit excess plasticky but works well with the controls.

Sound output and voice call quality…

If we’re to say a high point about the sound output from this earphone from Sound One 616, it will be about the bass.

The bass reproduction is light but very much enjoyable. It won’t make your eardrums vibrate, but certainly, enough for an average joey to get satisfied with.

The mids and highs are distinct and listening to vocal rich songs is a breeze.

The light bass in the background compensates with the wide frequency range that distinctly delivers notes from either end of the spectrum.

Voice call clarity is one area where this earphone trumps others in this list comfortably.

The voice on either side was crisp and crystal clear, to begin with. There were no distortions in between the calls as well.

The angled earpiece design cancels background noises effectively. Also, the ear cups are comfortable enough to be used for longer duration without any irritation.

Valued added bonuses…

The Sound One 616 comes with a lot of goodies along with the main product, ie the earphones.

There is a soft pouch included in the box for safe keeping the product inside when not in use.

It is a nice gesture for companies to do this as most of us throw our earphones in the bag carelessly and easily damaging them while doing so.

The company also gives a carry case that can be used for long-term storage of this product while on a trip or a backpack.

Final verdict…

The Sound One 616 is a very good choice for those who want a good quality earphone for voice calls.

This earphone also delivers a decent sound quality that is actually pretty good for the price.

The attractive colour options and sleek design makes this earphone look like a product worth a lot more than just Rs.500.


Sleek design


Good tonal balance


6-month warranty


Average build quality


Builtin Microphone Yes
Frequency Response 20 -20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size 10 mm
Impedance Rating 32 ohms

5. Portronics Conch 204

Best Earphone under 500 - Best Design Pick
Best Design Pick
  • Suited for fashion freaks
  • Decent sound output
  • 6-months international warranty

Portronics has been in the market for a while with its popular Bluetooth speakers range as well as other electronic peripherals.

The Conch 204 from Portronics is an entry-level in-ear styled earphone with a mic that’s priced just under Rs.500.

Minimal, yet captivating design…

Design wise, this earphone beats the other competitors on this list by a great margin.

The minimalistic yet sleek finish instils a sense of premium quality at the first look.

The flat style cable feels strong and sturdy and is tangle resistant.

Decent bass levels…

Equipped with two speaker drivers of 8 mm each, the Portronics Conch 204 delivers clear mids and decent bass.

The bass output is not overpowering as some of the bass fanatics may wish, but the earphone produces an overall pleasant sound output.

This in-ear earphone comes with an inline remote for attending calls.


The remote has a volume rocker as well so that there is no need to reach up to the phone to adjust the volume levels.

With an impedance rate of 16 ohms, this earphone produces neat sound covering the entire frequency spectrum ranging from 20 – 20,000Hz.

This earphone comes with a 6 months domestic as well as an international warranty that gets you covered even while you are in continuous transit around the world.

Final conclusion…

The Portronics Conch 204 is more like a fashion statement than a normal earphone.

This earphone does deliver decent sound quality for the price.

If you don’t mind the lack of thumping bass in your music sessions, the Portronics Conch 2014 is definitely a product worth considering.


Sleek design


Flat, tangle-free cables


Inline volume rocker button


Bass levels are not that much great


Builtin Microphone Yes
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size 8 mm
Impedance Rating 16 ohm

6. Flipkart Smartbuy V23MM

Best Earphone under 500 - Value for Money
Value for Money
  • Best for casual listening
  • Good build quality
  • Neodymium drivers

Flipkart is a popular e-commerce marketplace in India selling thousands of varieties of goods from mobile phones to air-conditioners to cosmetic products.

Smartbuy is an affordable consumer electronics lineup from Flipkart mainly targeting budget-constrained consumers in India looking for a decent product.

The Smartbuy V23MM is a wired headset from Flipkart that costs just Rs.375.

Honestly we’d say this earphone has all the features and then some that earphones priced under Rs.500 usually have.

Metallic build!!

The casing of the speaker unit of this earphone from Flipkart is made of metal. This makes it slightly heavy but gives a pleasant feel when inserted into the ear canal.

The anti-slip eartips helps in keeping the speaker unit in place even while you are not stationary. The earbuds also have a sweat repellent silicone coating as well.

Wider soundstage for enjoyable music listening…

The sound is the number one priority when it comes to the purchase of an earphone. This earphone feature a 9mm driver unit with neodymium magnets inside.

The sound clarity is very good with the mids and highs getting pronounced over a wide frequency range – boring jargons aside, treble and vocals are clearly defined and is pleasant to hear.

The bass is a bit on the softer side. This might be an issue for those who need extra bass even for Carnatic music, but for no one else.

 Voice calls and the build quality…

The inline mic comes with noise cancellation that works pretty well. The mic is sensitive to our voice and picks it up easily.

One important thing to mention about the Smartbuy V23MM is its braided nylon cable. The cable is 1.2m long.

It is strong and can handle mild abuses without hampering the functionality of the earphone.


If you have a budget of under Rs.400 and need a nice sounding earphone, this product is well worth considering.


Braided long cable


Minimal design


Clear vocals


Softer bass


Builtin Microphone Yes
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000Hz
Driver Unit Size 9 mm
Impedance Rating 16 ohm

That sums up our list of the best earphones under Rs.500.

We have put together some incredible value for money earphones here.

We hope that we have helped you pick the right product.

If you can extend your budget, do check out our best picks under Rs.2,000 and Rs.1,000 here.

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